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Although peripheral nerve surgery has always been an integral part of neurosurgery, its status within the global landscape of the field has long been in the shadow of the more prominent areas, such as skull base or vascular neurosurgery. As part of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, the Peripheral Nerve Surgery Committee has been intensively working to promote this type of surgery and, thereby, encourage even more surgeons to start practicing in this exciting area.

As authorities of the WFNS Peripheral Nerve Surgery Committee, we would like to welcome to this 3rd Theoretical, Practical and Hands-on International Course in Peripheral Nerve & Brachial Plexus Surgery, aimed at enhancing the quality of peripheral nerve surgery in the 21st century.

We envisage a rich and dynamic scientific programme, which will cover all aspects of peripheral nerve surgery. The invited speakers at this event will include the world’s leading experts in the field of peripheral nerve and brachial plexus surgery, who will contribute to the exchange of new knowledge and skills. The programme will offer theoretical discussions of basic as well as advanced aspects of peripheral nerve and brachial plexus surgery, practical demonstrations of live surgical operations involving modern surgical technology with simultaneous commentaries & discussions, and dissection of human cadavers in cooperation with the Anatomical Institute of the Justus Liebig University of Giessen.

This very important and efficient educational event of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies was built on the great success of its predecessors held in Leon, Spain in 2016 and Belgrade, Serbia in 2017. This time, we have organized a special course with endoscopic cadaveric decompressions and live surgeries, which we believe will be of great interest for neurosurgeons. As with the previous editions, we are lucky to have an extremely prestigious and numerous group of faculties.

During the first two courses, experiences and ideas were exchanged and plans for further development of mutual cooperation and prosperity of the profession have been agreed. An impressive number of attendees, number of speakers and their importance in the world of neurosurgery, topics and lectures, but also social program have contributed to these events to be evaluated by the participants with the highest grade.

We are assured that the 3rd edition of this Course in Frankfurt will be imbued with highest scientific and professional spirit and a friendly atmosphere.

Prof. Dr. Lukas Rasulic
Vice- Chairman, WFNS PNS Committee
Dr. Mariano Socolovsky
Chairman WFNS PNS Committee