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Day 1:  24th September 2018

T H E O R E T I C A L   P A R T    I

Part I:     Basic principles of diagnosis in peripheral nerve injuries

Coordinators: Kartik G. Krishnan, Maria Pedro

08:00 Opening remarks
Kartik G. Krishnan, Germany
08:05 Welcome address
Uwe Horas, Germany
08:20 Use of MRI in nerve surgery
Daniela Binaghi, Argentina
08:35 Neurosonography in nerve trauma
Maria Pedro, Germany
08:50 Neurophysiology in peripheral nerve injuries
Pablo Calvo, Spain
09:05 Discussion 

Part II:     Basic knowledge in nerve trauma

Coordinators: Line Jacques, Bassam Abbas

09:25 Fundamentals of nerve injury and regeneration
Thomas Kretschmer, Austria
09:40 Surgical Anatomy of peripheral nerves
Fernando Martínez Benia, Uruguay
09:55 Surgical timing: when should we operate?
Zack Ray Wilson (USA)



Coffee Break

10:30 Neurolisis: Is it useful? In which cases?
Gonzalo Bonilla, Argentina
10:45 Neurorraphy with and without grafts: surgical technique
Miguel Domínguez, Spain
11:00 Surgical treatment of partial nerve injuries
Leandro Flores, Brazil
11:15 Nerve transfers: Basic knowledge that you should know
Jorge Clifton, México
11:30 Termino-lateral neurorraphy: Myth or reality?
Leandro Flores, Brazil
11:45 Discussion
Part III:     Special problems in traumatic nerve injuries

Coordinators: Mariano Socolovsky, Shimon Rochkind

12:15 Clinical aspects of ballistic peripheral nerve injuries
Shimon Roschkind, Israel
12:30 Lacerating wounds: timing and surgical treatment
Bassam Abbas, Saudi Arabia
12:45 Iatrogenic nerve injuries
Gregor Antoniadis, Germany
13:00 Peripheral nerve palsies in children following internal fixation management
Vsevolod Rybchenok, Russia
13:15 Surgical Treatment of Facial Nerve Palsy
Mariano Socolovsky, Argentina
13:30 Surgical Treatment of Accessory Nerve Palsy
Stefano Ferraresi, Italy
13:45 Discussion




Part IV:     Peripheral nerve tumours

Coordinators: Line Jacques, Fernando Guedes

14:45 The neuropathological basis of peripheral nerve tumors
Till Acker, Germany
15:00 How to operate a benign peripheral nerve tumor?
Eric Zager, USA
15:15 Indications for surgery and extent of surgical resection in non-malignant versus malignant tumors
Line Jacques, USA
15:30 The role of biopsy in PN tumors
Fernando Guedes, Brazil
15:45 Endoneurial cysts of the sciatic nerve: natural versus surgical patterns of evolution
Stefano Ferraresi, Italy
16:00 Neurofibromatosis: which is the role of surgery?
Mark Mahan, USA
16:15 Discussion



Coffee break 

Part V:     Nerve compression of the upper limbs

Coordinators: Fernando Martinez Beina, Javier Robla

16:45 Carpal tunnel syndrome: indications and surgical technique in the open approach
Eric Zager, USA
17:00 Literature review: controversy between open and endoscopical decompression of carpal and ulnar tunnel
Gregor Antoniadis, Germany
17:15 Surgical treatment of ulnar nerve compression at the elbow: Indications and techniques
Javier Robla, Spain
17:30 The “wide awake approach” in peripher nerve surgery and handsurgery- a comfortable anaesthesia method without a tourniquet
Olaf Wölfle, Germany
17:45 Chronic radicular pain versus peripheral nerve pain: differential diagnosis
Christian Heinen, Germany
18:00 Thoracic outlet syndrome
Christopher Winfree, USA
18:15 Iatrogenic Kiloh Nevin Szndrome – Live Case Presentation
Kartik G. Krishnan, Germany + Ms. Natascha K.-D.
18:30 Discussion and Closing remarks Adjourn Day 1
19:00 Dinner buffet at meeting venue
Presentation of interesting cases
Coordinators: Jörg Bahm, Christopher Winfree


Methods of reconstruction in patients with proximal injuries of the sciatic and peroneal nerves
Alexander Zaremba, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
19:50 Giant neurofibrosarcoma of the lumbar region: a rare difficult tumor for excision
Kinata-Bambino SB, Boukassa L, Mouamba F, Ekouele-Mbaki HB, Ngounda-Monianga S, Ngakosso OB, Peko JF, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Brazzaville, Congo
20:00 A controversial case of an adult brachial plexus lesion
Jörg Bahm, Germany
20:10 Lipomatous hyperplasia of the brachial plexus
Khaled Gaber, Leipzig, Germany
20:20 Surgical treatment of superficial radial nerve neuroma
Baher Mehdat Labib, Alexandria, Egypt
20:30 A giant ulnar nerve schwannoma
Kinata-Bambino SB, Boukassa L, Mouamba F, Ekouele-Mbaki HB, Ngounda-Monianga S, Ngakosso OB, Peko JF, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Brazzaville, Congo